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Active Learning

In many countries around the world, active learning is considered suitable for children and young learners. Active learning promotes skill development, learning and a positive attitude. It uses real-life and imaginary situations to engage students. Active learning supports learners to be:
• Successful
• Confident
• Responsible
• Effective contributors
These can be achieved when learning is combined with:
• Spontaneous play
• Planned and purposeful play
• Investigating and exploring
• Focused learning
• Real- life experiences
• Events
GGIS welcomes you to be a part of our active learning method.

Learning New Skills

GGIS encourages kids to learn new skills by participating in extracurricular activities being organized in school. They don’t realize that they are learning, and they enjoy this learning experience. Being part of team such as reader’s book club helps kids to confidently read. Similarly we many encouraging learning and development methods.


We encourage healthy competition among kids for all round development. Kids are encouraged and not forced to learn or do things.

Winter Camp

GGIS Winter Wonderland Camp will take place from 23rd December, 2016 – 25th December, 2016. A more detail program will be published in coming weeks.

Play As You Learn

Summer Camp

This is the time when kids get their WE time with other kids. They interact, play and learn with other kids. This summer let your child discover new things. Let them unwind their creativity and explore new dimensions. So encourage your child to enjoy quality time in summer camp.

Drawing and Painting

It is here that you will find creativity ideas, colouring corner, Drawing to learn, best from waste and much more. So join us in our unique Drawing and Painting Camps. We also organize Drawing and Painting Competition for Kids. Our winners get attractive prizes and chance to learn with us.

Nature Camp

Sometimes we don't realize but the fact is that kids tend to spend almost half of the time outdoors when compared to kids a decade ago. They are more involved with gadgets and television. This nature camp will give kids a unique opportunity to leave their gadgets, toys and television behind and enjoy in the lap of Mother Nature. Our camps provide perfect opportunity to kids to have fun under supervision and care.

De-stress camp

As grown up’s we think that kids are always happy and relaxed. We don’t realize that they have their own stressor’s about which they are not able to speak like conflicts in family, managing with peers, overscheduling etc. Some parents say that their kids have headache, nightmares or trouble sleeping. The point is how to reduce the child’s anxiety. Our De-Stress Camp focuses on relaxing kids and making them enjoy with fun filled activities.

Foreign Language Camp

Our foreign language camp is a great way to learn a foreign language. Kids are taught in fun-filled atmosphere thus motivating kids. Our fun while you learn method encourages kids to complete the duration of the program.

Sing and Dance

For kids who can sing or play music, this is one good opportunity. Also kids who want to learn to sing or dance should look forward to join this camp which is a unique experience in itself.

With Green Gyaanam

Forthcoming Events

Winter Camp

GGIS Winter Wonderland Camp will take place from 23rd December, 2016 – 25th December, 2016. A more detail program will be published in coming weeks. .

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